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Rental Car Insurance: To Buy or Not to Buy?

As the holiday season approaches, millions of Americans will take to the roads to visit family and friends. Since many will make the trip in a rented car, it’s an appropriate time to discuss one of the most frequently asked questions of agents and brokers all over the country: “Should I buy the insurance from the rental car company?”
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Driving in Snow? Go Nice and Slow!

When staying home is not an option and you must brave winter roads, your Trusted Choice® independent insurance agent advises you to remember the ageless moral of the tortoise and hare: Slow and easy wins the race.
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Auto and Home Insurance for Unmarried Couples

Sixty years ago, when the 1950 census data was released, it showed that eight in 10 households were occupied by married couples. Fifty years later, the 2000 census data showed that number had declined to just over 50%, signifying a sea change in the typical American household. Almost half of households were occupied by a single individual, roommates or unmarried couples (the 2010 census data is still in the process of being made public).
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guide: https://www.trustedchoice.com/content/2012/10/auto-and-home-insurance-for-unmarried-couples/

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First Car, First Insurance Question: Does My Teen Driver Need Their Own Policy?

How to insure a teenager’s car has got to be one of the most common questions Trusted Choice ® independent insurance agents get asked year after year. Should parents title and insure a teen driver’s car separately from other cars in the household? This is normally done with an eye to save some premium dollars and to reduce potential liability for the parents- at least on the surface. The reality is that insuring a teen driver’s car separately can actually open some pretty big gaps in coverage that a parent may still find they’re liable for. So here are a few things to consider when deciding whether your teen should have their own policy:
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Business Use of My Personal Vehicle: Will My Insurance Work?

There are over 240 million registered motor vehicles in the U.S., according to the Census Bureau. At a given time, as many as a third of those clutter American roadways, and it is estimated that one-fourth of those are being used in the course of work.
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guide: https://www.trustedchoice.com/content/2012/03/business-use-of-my-personal-vehicle/

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Is Warming Up Your Car Really Necessary?

Is it necessary to warm up your car? Conventional wisdom says that warming up your car is a must, especially on frigid days. Unfortunately for many American cars, this is one instance when conventional wisdom is just plain wrong.
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guide: https://www.trustedchoice.com/content/2014/02/warming-up-your-car/

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How to Get the Biggest Tax Refund for Your Car Donation

There aren’t many options available when it’s time to part with a beloved (or hated) vehicle. You can trade it in, sell it to a dealer or private party, give it to a friend, or consider a car donation in exchange for a tax deduction.
refernce: https://www.trustedchoice.com/content/2014/03/donating-your-car-to-charity/
guide: https://www.trustedchoice.com/content/2014/03/donating-your-car-to-charity/

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Classic Car Maintenance for Show Season

It’s almost spring, and for classic car enthusiasts across the U.S., that means car show season is upon us. Read on to find some tips and tricks for collector car maintenance, to get you to the show in style.
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Understanding Driver Exclusions

Everyone knows “that guy” whom you wouldn’t trust behind the wheel of your car, even in a matter of life and death. For the truly unfortunate, “that guy” is a member of your household—and looks not only to your vehicles as a source of transportation but also to your auto insurance as a source for coverage.
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guide: https://www.trustedchoice.com/content/2011/11/understanding-driver-exclusions/

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Is insurance for an old car necessary?

Should the age or value of your car make any difference to the cost of your auto insurance? For some insurance coverages, the answer is no.
refernce: https://www.trustedchoice.com/content/2011/01/is-insurance-for-an-old-car-necessary/
guide: https://www.trustedchoice.com/content/2011/01/is-insurance-for-an-old-car-necessary/

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