Filing a Claim

Claims processing may be different based on the type of claim filed

If you are filing a claim for fire, theft, vandalism or even a hit and run, there are certain steps you must take in order to file your claim correctly and ensure it’s processed as quickly as possible. If necessary, call the police and file a report. Request a copy of the report as it will be needed for your claim.

It’s time to put the money you paid for insurance to good use

Collect all of the information you need about the incident for which you are filing an insurance claim. Contact your insurance agent or carrier as soon as possible, even if the disaster is not your fault. Your insurance carrier will handle the claim as your advocate.

One less thing to worry about

When tragedy rears its ugly head, the last thing you need to worry about is an insurance claim. The caring professionals at The Stamy Agency make filing your claim as easy as possible so you have more time to focus your attention on your loved ones and the situation at hand.

File your claim 24/7

There’s no need to wait until the offices open to file your claim with convenient 24/7/365 claims filing. You can call the toll-free number for your insurance provider listed below or simply click on their logo to be taken directly to their claims filing page. If you need assistance, contact your Stamy Agency representative.

(800) 282-1446

(800) 231-2318

(800) 343-9131

(888) 639-2567

(800) 987-3373

(800) 348-1741

(800) 527-3907

(800) 274-4499

(800) 752-1895

(800) 765-9749


When you work with the Stamy Agency for all of your insurance and risk-management needs, you become more than a client. You become a member of our family. Our dedication and expertise assures you receive the best policy for your needs and budget. Call today!

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