D & O Liability

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D & O Liability

Attract and retain Director’s for your company

Directors and officers of a company are significantly exposed to litigation on a variety of legal theories, such as: securities law violations, allegations of breach or fiduciary duties, and others. As a result, if you cannot indemnify your executives, you need other avenues of protection. Call Stamy today to learn more.

Company reimbursement for indemnification

If indemnification isn’t available due to legal prohibition or insolvency, you need to have other means of protection in place for your executives, as well as for the business. Speak with one of the Stamy Agency’s reputable agent’s about your D&O Insurance needs. Don’t forget to ask how your policy can reimburse you for indemnifying your executives!

Acquire a skilled and experienced agent today

Rest assured that the Stamy Agency, Inc. agents have the knowledge and experience required to assist you with establishing the appropriate insurance structure for your company that offers the broadest terms and conditions available. Let the Stamy Agency claims advocates protect your company in the event of a claim. Call today!

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