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Protect your biggest investment with an affordable quality homeowners policy today

Your home is the largest investment you’ll most likely make throughout your life and you need to protect the many different aspects of it, such as; your belongings inside the home, the physical structure of the home, the cost of medical expenses for a person injured on your property. While most policies include standard policy coverage, there are many optional types of coverage available to help protect the things that are important to you.

Financial protection you can count on

If you’re faced with property damage, weather damage, or even a home invasion, the compassionate agents of the Stamy Agency, Inc. are here to help file your claim, address your concerns, and get your life back to normal. If your tragedy results in being displaced, your coverage may provide you with the needed funds to cover a hotel stay while repairs are being made. You will also receive financial support to replace possessions and rebuild, if necessary.

Avoid being underinsured

Being underinsured is never a good thing. Take these steps today to reduce the dangers of being seriously underinsured:

– Call Stamy Agency, Inc. with all of your questions or concerns about limits in your existing policy. This is also the perfect opportunity to make us aware of any updated or overlooked information.

– Carefully read your policy. Some items, such as property, jewelry, and even some natural disasters (flood or earthquake, for example), is better insured separately. Knowing what is covered and the amount it’s covered for will help you insure properly.

– When your policy renews, look over the new policy declarations page. This will show the limits of coverage and optional coverages. If you’ve done any significant improvements or additions to the property, let us know so we can adjust your coverage limits to include the updates.

– Does your policy provide all the protection you need? Is coverage provided for the additional costs associated with updates to building codes? Are coverage limits automatically increased annually to keep pace with inflation? Are additional funds provided in the event the costs of rebuilding your home exceeds the policy limits?

Every home is unique – contact the Stamy Agency today and learn more about receiving the best price and value on homeowners insurance for you.

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