Workers Compensation

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Workers Compensation

Protect your business and employees from tragic events

Most states mandate that businesses carry worker’s compensation insurance, which is designed to protect both the employer and the employee in the event of work-related injuries or illness. Worker’s compensation provides benefits for medical care, wages from lost work time, and more. Should the employee decide to sue the employer, it will help cover the related legal fees.

The risk for work-related injury and illness is present in every industry

Oft times, work-related accidents and illnesses are associate with certain types of employment, such as construction, factories, and even farming. However, the risk for work-related injury is present at every job, for example:

– One of your employees slips on ice while walking up the stairs to the office, requiring a trip to the emergency room and weeks of recovery time
– An employee, lifting a box of printer paper injures her back, requiring a doctor’s care, medication, and physical therapy
– While returning to the office after visiting a client is involved in a car accident resulting in injuries requiring hospitalization

Help your business AND your employees

As you can see, the risk is inherent at every place of business. Don’t let an accident or illness on-the-job drive your company into financial ruins. Call the Stamy Agency today to learn more about how you help both your business and your employees with a worker’s compensation policy.

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