Umbrella Insurance

Can you afford not to have umbrella coverage?

In the event you are sued for a large monetary amount and your current policies do not have enough liability coverage, you can lose everything; your house, car, retirement and investment accounts, your personal savings and checking accounts and even your future income is at stake. An Umbrella policy can save you from financial ruin. Contact Stamy Agency today to learn more about the benefits of Umbrella insurance.

Protect yourself from major claims and lawsuits

Umbrella insurance is designed to help protect your assets – and your future – against major claims and lawsuits filed against you through it’s additional liability coverage, which is typically above the limits of your homeowners, auto and boat insurance policies. An umbrella policy can also help cover legal fees, libel, slander, and false arrest. Be sure to cover your assets today!

Get the additional coverage you need for just pennies on the dollar

An Umbrella insurance policy isn’t very expensive at all. Coverage typically begins in the range of $150.00 – $200.00 for a $1 million dollar policy. Should you decide to increase your coverage, your premium will increase. However, if you were to double the amount of coverage to a $2 million dollar policy, your premium will not double. Everyone’s needs and situations are different. Speak with one our experienced agents today to learn more and get a quote.

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General Liability

A single accident can destroy your business

The day-to-day operations of your business carry a certain amount of risks, including; property damage, bodily injury, personal injury, and more. A general liability policy will help safeguard your business in the event of an accident resulting in a claim against you and your company.

Safeguard your business against liability claims

If you are a business owner, there are a range of specific insurances you must carry that are required by law. Speak with one of the knowledgeable insurance agents at The Stamy Agency today to learn more about what type of insurance(s), including General Liability, your business must be protected by.

Surprise! There are additional gems hidden within General Liability Insurance

Many business owners are surprised to learn of a few hidden gems within their general liability policy, depending the type of business being covered, you may find any of these in your policy: contract liability coverage, liquor liability coverage, coverage for more than just you, advertising injury coverage, completed products coverage, and medical expense coverage. Speak with your Stamy Agency, Inc. agent today to learn more!

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D & O Liability

Attract and retain Director’s for your company

Directors and officers of a company are significantly exposed to litigation on a variety of legal theories, such as: securities law violations, allegations of breach or fiduciary duties, and others. As a result, if you cannot indemnify your executives, you need other avenues of protection. Call Stamy today to learn more.

Company reimbursement for indemnification

If indemnification isn’t available due to legal prohibition or insolvency, you need to have other means of protection in place for your executives, as well as for the business. Speak with one of the Stamy Agency’s reputable agent’s about your D&O Insurance needs. Don’t forget to ask how your policy can reimburse you for indemnifying your executives!

Acquire a skilled and experienced agent today

Rest assured that the Stamy Agency, Inc. agents have the knowledge and experience required to assist you with establishing the appropriate insurance structure for your company that offers the broadest terms and conditions available. Let the Stamy Agency claims advocates protect your company in the event of a claim. Call today!

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Workers Compensation

Protect your business and employees from tragic events

Most states mandate that businesses carry worker’s compensation insurance, which is designed to protect both the employer and the employee in the event of work-related injuries or illness. Worker’s compensation provides benefits for medical care, wages from lost work time, and more. Should the employee decide to sue the employer, it will help cover the related legal fees.

The risk for work-related injury and illness is present in every industry

Oft times, work-related accidents and illnesses are associate with certain types of employment, such as construction, factories, and even farming. However, the risk for work-related injury is present at every job, for example:

– One of your employees slips on ice while walking up the stairs to the office, requiring a trip to the emergency room and weeks of recovery time
– An employee, lifting a box of printer paper injures her back, requiring a doctor’s care, medication, and physical therapy
– While returning to the office after visiting a client is involved in a car accident resulting in injuries requiring hospitalization

Help your business AND your employees

As you can see, the risk is inherent at every place of business. Don’t let an accident or illness on-the-job drive your company into financial ruins. Call the Stamy Agency today to learn more about how you help both your business and your employees with a worker’s compensation policy.

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Commercial Property

Don’t let a disaster drive your business into financial ruin

Protect your business, business assets, and real estate from financial ruin when disaster strikes. Whether your company suffers a fire, theft, vandalism, or even sustains damages from a windstorm, your Commercial Property insurance policy has you covered. Ask your Stamy Agency agent today if your commercial property policy includes business interruption coverage, which covers up to 12 months of lost income if your business operations come to a halt due to the unforeseen disaster.

Choose the right type of coverage

Deciding what type of coverage best suits your needs will depend on many factors, such as whether or not you want to extend the coverage for perils that are not typically included, if you want to reduce your insurance costs by opting for Named perils coverage – which only covers the specific events listed in the policy, and if you’ll be needing floor or earthquake coverage. Your friendly and knowledgeable Stamy Agency rep can help you decide what coverage works best for your situation.

Commercial property insurance doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg

As a business owner, costs are very important to you and the company’s bottom line. Whether it’s materials, labor and production, equipment, insurances, etc., you need to get the most “bang for your buck”, as the saying goes. Rest assured there are options available to help keep the costs of your commercial property manageable. Discuss the options with Stamy today.

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Don’t get caught without insurance

If you are current driving without insurance, you’re taking a big risk that could ruin you financially in the event you’re involved in an accident or pulled over for a moving violation. Fines, suspension of driving privileges, higher insurance rates and premiums, and even jail time may be in your future. Call the Stamy Agency today!

Get the right coverage at the right price

Count on the knowledgeable agents at the Stamy Agency to find the right coverage from the provider that’s right for you! We work with multiple insurance companies, including Nationwide, Progressive, Integrity, and more. With our personalized service, you won’t have to deal with recordings or automated messages; you’ll talk to a friendly agent who is ready to help you.

Good drivers get great discounts

Drivers with good driving habits receive may receive discounts with their policy, including; safe driver discounts, multi-policy discounts, claims-free discounts, and good student discounts! The Stamy Agency will find you the perfect policy to cover your needs, meet your budget, and protects you in the event of an accident.

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Protect your biggest investment with an affordable quality homeowners policy today

Your home is the largest investment you’ll most likely make throughout your life and you need to protect the many different aspects of it, such as; your belongings inside the home, the physical structure of the home, the cost of medical expenses for a person injured on your property. While most policies include standard policy coverage, there are many optional types of coverage available to help protect the things that are important to you.

Financial protection you can count on

If you’re faced with property damage, weather damage, or even a home invasion, the compassionate agents of the Stamy Agency, Inc. are here to help file your claim, address your concerns, and get your life back to normal. If your tragedy results in being displaced, your coverage may provide you with the needed funds to cover a hotel stay while repairs are being made. You will also receive financial support to replace possessions and rebuild, if necessary.

Avoid being underinsured

Being underinsured is never a good thing. Take these steps today to reduce the dangers of being seriously underinsured:

– Call Stamy Agency, Inc. with all of your questions or concerns about limits in your existing policy. This is also the perfect opportunity to make us aware of any updated or overlooked information.

– Carefully read your policy. Some items, such as property, jewelry, and even some natural disasters (flood or earthquake, for example), is better insured separately. Knowing what is covered and the amount it’s covered for will help you insure properly.

– When your policy renews, look over the new policy declarations page. This will show the limits of coverage and optional coverages. If you’ve done any significant improvements or additions to the property, let us know so we can adjust your coverage limits to include the updates.

– Does your policy provide all the protection you need? Is coverage provided for the additional costs associated with updates to building codes? Are coverage limits automatically increased annually to keep pace with inflation? Are additional funds provided in the event the costs of rebuilding your home exceeds the policy limits?

Every home is unique – contact the Stamy Agency today and learn more about receiving the best price and value on homeowners insurance for you.

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Commercial Insurance

A simple mistake can lead to financial devastation and ruin

The right commercial insurance policy can protect your business against liability claims for property damages, bodily injury claims, and advertising & personal injury liability. Let the insurance and risk-managers of the Stamy Agency, Inc. help you find the coverage you need to safeguard your business. Be sure to ask about other coverage options available that will extend your protection.

Don’t put off until tomorrow what needs to be done today

Worried that your business is at risk due to being improperly or under-insured? What risks are you facing? Put your worries to rest by speaking the Stamy Agency’s experienced Insurance & Risk Managers. Consult with us to determine your exposure and together we’ll come up with a plan that lowers your risks and provides the best coverage. Need personal insurance? Logging and trucking insurance? We can help get you set up with that, too!

Competitive pricing for all types of business

Whether your business is a multi-billion mega-conglomerate or a small family-owned company, you can rely on the experts at the Stamy Agency, Inc. We work with all types of businesses, including medical office and providers, restaurants, attorneys, contractors, repair shops, apartment complexes, shopping centers, and so many others! Get quality insurance from the Stamy Agency by calling today!

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When you work with the Stamy Agency for all of your insurance and risk-management needs, you become more than a client. You become a member of our family. Our dedication and expertise assures you receive the best policy for your needs and budget. Call today!

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